Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What’s your Skin-töhl?

A finely made leather accessory affirms luxury and your choice of a handbag speaks volumes of your style. A handbag serves as both; a necessity as well as a statement piece. Eyeing this space in the market The Sac and Satchel Company has launched its brand, töhl. Ranging from hand and shoulder bags, to totes, backpacks, clutches and wallets, the töhl product range is versatile, utilitarian and thoughtfully crafted for varied purposes.

 Töhl combines the best of contemporary styling, technology and the legacy of time-honored handcrafted leather smithing traditions to manufacture the bags. ‘töhl’, meaning skin in Tamil, is a brand synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. The leathers are handpicked and treated with artisanal respect using processes that meet international standards.

 Defined by its minimalist style, the product range has an old-world charm combined with understated modern elegance. The brand and its product range are perfectly suited to the urban lifestyle, combining functionality and aesthetics. töhl’s clientele is women who balance the many roles of contemporary life, whilst holding on to a sense and expression of personal style.

 With 25 years of industry experience exporting leather bags and accessories to Europe the finest product range is now accessible at your fingertips. All the products are made in India with a manufacturing facility in Chennai
Price Range: INR 990 – INR 8500 Availability: tohl.in


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